The robin is singing his love song and the herring are beginning to spawn, bringing life back to the cold shores. Currant bushes are in full bloom filling the air with their sensual sent; spring  is starting .

The late great Mr. Bowie was serenading us as we set off in an epic downpour on route to a magical fairy land.
That’s right, a magical fairy land otherwise known as Tofino B.C.
We drove through wind and rain, even a little snow. Rivers that were heartbreakingly dry during  the past summer drought are now surging to the brim. Waterfalls are escaping onto the road as they let loose all that the forest could not contain.
As the road started  to twist and turn the wind grew stronger and the roof top surfboards began to multiply. ….

20160310_121447     20160310_121305

For this adventure we had chosen to stay at the Ocean Village Resort on Mackenzie Beach, my mother in law has recently retired (woooooot) and wanted to kick back and do some storm watching with us.
The storm watching began before we even arrived. The  tall trees around Kennedy Lake swayed in a choreographic dream, we knew full well what that meant, BIG WAVES!

McKenzie Beach (2)
Mackenzie Beach

We were so eager to hit up Long Beach we hardly noticed the closed sign on the gate…uhhh! Major bummer, we drove on and it turned out most side roads had been closed due to some form of road work/culvert digging, we were not having much luck . We plotted on, determined to see some wave action before we checked in.


Chesterman Beach
Chesterman Beach


Chesterman beach didn’t let us down! The sea was undulating, waves came crawling right up the trail. The tide was on its way out though, taking the storm with it. We checked into our cozy cabin, cracked a beer and watched a few surfers catch the last waves. The sun made a brief beautiful appearance as it set, mom arrived just in time to see it go down.
The cabin was nice, small but not in a bad way. We had a little gas fire place and the washroom was supplied with lovely local body care products which I thoroughly enjoyed. Oh right and we had an amazing view of the beach!


A friend had recommend we visit Tonqiun beach so we headed there on our second day. Very lovely little beach accessed through a short walk in the forest and close to town. The sun tried to come out but that didn’t last long and then the clouds rolled in again. We had rain, on and off like a faucet and spots of hail with a little wind; regular Tofino weather. A brief visit to Long beach before we headed back for supper and of course more beer from the Tofino brewery.

Tonqiun Beach
Tonqiun Beach

The loud  rain was interrupting our sleep all night in the most pleasant way and our third day brought more dramatic weather. We completed the short Rainforest  Trail, admired  the ancient trees dripping with life and history. Jumped back in the truck and headed for one of our favorite spots, the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet.


Dark blue clouds closed in, waves exploded over the black rocks and it began to pour. Twice prior we had sighted whales from this trail but not this time. We stayed until we grew cold. We’d had enough and headed back to the cabin, Mackenzie beach is such a great place to hang…so we spent a lot of time on that beach .

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20160312_142723Unfortunately, the fourth day meant we had to leave and this is my least favourite part. One last coffee at Tofitian coffee shop is a must along with one last visit to Long Beach. Still not ready to go, we stopped at the Lost Shoe Trail on our way out. Very sad to leave but grateful we had the chance to go and spend time with mom in such a beautiful place .

Tofino is a town built by love, if it were not for the hundreds of people who joined together to protest the destruction of this sacred area we may not be singing it’s praise. I will be forever grateful for those who stood up and peacefully fought too keep the forest as it belongs.




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  1. Brrr! I hope you brought warm clothes. I can see that you are also a writer. I will follow you too because it gives me another chance to visit the Northwest. It’s my family history although I’ve mostly live in the Northeast.


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