Beards for charity…?

We all think it don’t we ? Every time we see a gentleman with a nice beard we think ‘boy does that ever make me want to donate to my community !’

Well maybe not but perhaps this video will change your mind.

Three men from Victoria BC are using their facial hair to raise money for the Victoria Kool Aid Society  . The Kool Aid Society works to enrich lives and help to build a community with a goal of eliminating homelessness. Brian, Braeden, and Nick will either leave the beards on , or shave it all off . The decision will be in the hands of the voters. How do you vote? Click on the links and donate to either beard on or beard off.

To Vote for beard off

To Vote for Beard on

Follow their journey on Facebook



Why am I writing about beards ? I am writing about beards because beards and Christmas go hand in hand…or well giving and Christmas go hand in hand. Tis the season to give . Why do we put so much time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones , we do it because we want to give happiness, we want to see the look of joy as they open their gifts and we want them to feel the love and care we put into each gift. We want to propel happiness forward and that is what these three men are doing one beard at  a time…..or one clean shave at a time ….or .


Which do you prefer?

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”

-Ben Carson





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